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        Production Certification
        Picture Certification Name Certified By Business Scope Available Date --- Expired Date Verified
        CE CE udem x6325,x6325A x6325C ,x6330,x6333,xk7130,xk6040 x6036 x5040 x5032 x6132 zx50c zx6350a zx6350c zx6350z zx6350d xk7136 zx5150 zx7550cw zx7550c xk7125 xk7140 zxtm40 X6332 X6336 X6140 XK7124 LM1450 X6323 XK850 XK950 X52K X53K XQ6232 X6332C 2015-12-29 ~ Verified
        CE CE UDEM CA6140 CA6240 CA6150 CA6250 CA6161 CA6261 CA6166 CA6266 CA6180 CA6280 CW6163B C6232D C6132D C6236D C6136D C6240D C6140D CAK6140 CAK6150 CAK6166 CAK6161 CAK6180 CAK6190 CDK6140 CAK6136 CK3040 CK46P CK46D J35 J40 CK6130 CK6132 CK36J CK6136 CK6140 CK6150 CK6160 CK6152E CK6165E CK6185E CK61100 H36 H46 TCK46 TCK6332 TCK6336 TCK6340 TCK6350 TCK420 TCK520 TCK46A TCK46 TCK66 CW6180 CWY6180 CWY6110 CW61100 CW61125 CW61140 CW61160 CK6163 CKY6180 CKY6110 CK61125 CK61140 Q1313 Q1319 Q1322 Q1327 Q1332 Q1338 Q1343 Q1350 QK1313 QK1319 QK1322 QK1327 QK1332 QK1338 QK1343 QK1350 C6233/36/36V CM6241/41V C6241/46/46V C6251/56/51V/56V C6266A/CQ6280 C6280 H360 H460 H520 H20 H30 CK6132 CK6141 CK6156 H410 CK6432 CQ6232 CQ6230 CQ6236 2018-01-15 ~ 2023-01-14 Verified
        SGS SGS SGS On the factory site certification 2018-01-17 ~ 2019-01-16 Verified

        Research & Development

        There is/are Less than 5 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.

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